case study

Pit & tank cleaning solution reduces slops by 60%.

TWMA trained specialists complete pit and tank cleaning to improve safety performance and efficiency.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pit Cleaning
TCC RotoMill


  • No dedicated rig crew assigned to pit cleaning and waste minimisation
  • No defined pit cleaning practise with high volumes of water utilised during pit cleaning activities, resulting in large volume of waste generated
  • High risk of cross-contamination, resulting in increased disposal costs


With TWMA already on location providing waste treatment services, the customer identified an opportunity to utilise its specialist knowledge and technology to incorporate efficient pit cleaning operations, waste processing and compliant reuse and disposal.

TWMA mobilised two specialist crews to manage two locations each. Working with the customer, a pit cleaning schedule, standard operating procedures and risk assessments were agreed. TWMA’s high powered vacuum unit recovered heavy tank bottoms for processing through the onsite TCC RotoMill. TWMA’s trained specialists then manually cleaned pits safely, typically to Brine Standard, with the TWMA hot wash unit.


Reduction in slops generated.

Average saved in pit cleaning cost and slop disposal per island per month.

Reduction in time taken to complete project compared to previous method.


As a result of TWMA’s pit cleaning solution, each tank was cleaned in the safest way and to a standard that could not be achieved using the current method.

Any waste water generated from the cleaning process was cleaned and recycled within allowable discharge limits. Recovered solids were processed through the TCC RotoMill and clean water was injected downhole, creating a self-sustainable process at source.