case study

TWMA reduces well cost by 35% on North Sea campaign.

TWMA delivers $1.2m in savings over a two well campaign representing a 35% cost saving compared to skip and ship.

UK North Sea



16”, 12¼” x 13½”, 9½”, 8½”, 6”

TCC RotoMill®
Mud cooler
Riser drain package


  • Production, fracking and drilling operations carried out simultaneously over the jackup and platform
  • Requirement to reduce crane and vessel use
  • Reuse of base oil required to hydrate mud onsite
  • High risk of waiting on weather due to North Sea climate during winter months


TWMA installed 4 x CSTs, a screw conveyor system and a TCC RotoMill® with air transfer back up system on location between wells. The system allowed drill cuttings to be treated at source, eliminating requirement for crane and vessel activity associated with skip and ship operations.

The TWMA system allowed the recovery and reuse of base oil within the drill fluid, allowing the client to drill continuously throughout the campaign. The equipment remained onboard ahead of a third and final well as part of the rig sequence.


Saved due to 2.5 days waiting on weather downtime avoided

Worth of base oil recovered and resused in the drilling mud system

Lifts avoided due to elimination of 657 skips, significantly increasing safety to personnel.


With an average throughput of 7.06MT/hr, a total of 3,153MT of drill cuttings were processed offshore with zero downtime and no HSE incidents.

The project outputs are as follows:

  • 3,149m3 recovered oil reused in the drilling mud system
  • 195m3 recovered water discharged overboard with an average oil on water of 5.14ppm
  • 1,268MT recovered solids diverted from landfill with an average total petroleum hydrocrabon of 0.058%


"In preparation for a milestone development drilling campaign over a mature CNS asset, Chrysaor North Sea Ltd partnered with TWMA to implement TCC RotoMill® offshore cuttings processing & disposal technology on the Valaris JU-249. With a focus on safe and efficient operations, from installation through to demobilisation, the work performed by TWMA was excellent. Their experienced service delivery personnel were proactive, integrating immediately into the Chrysaor/Valaris safety culture and successfully processing 3,149 tonnes of drilled cuttings from two wells. This eliminated more than 7,800 mechanical lifts and 4,700 miles of road transportation, simplified vessel logistics, and saved approximately £1.2 million pounds in drilling waste disposal cost.  I could not be happier with this result, and would certainly consider partnering with TWMA again on projects of this type in future."

Senior Well Engineer, Chrysaor