case study

Operator achieves record ROP with TWMA bulk storage.

TWMA system achieves record drilling speeds by removing all drilling restrictions and bottlenecks.

Southern Norwegian Sector North Sea

14 development wells


16½”, 12¼”. 8½”, 6½”

CSTs/bulk storage & transfer


  • No drill cuttings storage capability on the rig
  • Bottleneck on CRI operations limiting the ROP and rig performance
  • High volume cuttings transfer capacity required to support record ROP


TWMA installed its bulk transfer system across the rig and the supply vessel. The system allowed drill cuttings to be contained on the rig before being pumped either directly to the supply vessel for transport onshore or to the rig based CRI unit.

Onshore, the drill cuttings were pumped from the vessel straight into the treatment facility, saving handling and docking time in port. TWMA’s CST storage solution eliminated the operational bottlenecks associated with the cuttings handling operations to allow significantly faster ROPs. The system contributed to a customer record of drilling 2,000m in a day (i.e. 2,000 metres 12¼” hole in less than 24 hours) while simultaneously eliminating over 36,000 lifting operations.


Maximum steady ROP achieved in a 2000m 12¼" section

Saved due to 22 days reduction to drilling programme on first well of nine

Lifting operations avoided

TWMA’s solution supported a record increase in ROP, reducing the planned drilling programme by 22 days, delivering significant cost benefits to the customer.

To date, the system has been successfully utilised for five wells to support CRI operations and on nine wells of the development programme with vessel transfer to onshore treatment.

The customer has registered record drilling speeds over the campaign and shortened the operation drilling time by up to 50%.