case study

TWMA saves AGR more than $500k with TCC RotoMill®

TWMA reduces total cost of ownership by 35% across a one well campaign.

AGR Well Management

UK North Sea


Semi Submersible

17½”, 12¼”, 8½”

TCC RotoMill®
Pit Cleaning


  • Tight drilling window to complete well
  • 24-hour sail to wellsite from onshore supply base
  • Waiting on weather risk due to North Sea climate
  • Total depth of 18,266ft to be drilled with more than 1,600MT of drill cuttings expected


TWMA utilised its drill cutting storage and transfer tanks (CST) and proprietary TCC RotoMill® to continually process drill cuttings offshore. The solution interfaced with the rig owned screw conveyor system, with installation carried out on location ahead of schedule in nine days.


Saved due to no requirement for dedicated vessel for up to 50 days at the market rates at that time.

Saved due to 26 hours of waiting on weather eliminated.

Lifts avoided, significantly increasing safety to personnel.

LTIs or NPT associated with TWMA’s services throughout the duration of the drilling campaign.


The drilling phase of the project was completed on time and at reduced cost by significantly reducing logistics associated with skip and ship operations.

The project outputs are as follows:

  • 1,648MT drill cuttings processed at source
  • 1,255MT recovered solids diverted from landfill with an average total petroleum hydrocarbon of 0.058%
  • 223m3 recovered water discharged overboard with an average oil on water of 2ppm


“The TWMA crew worked effectively,installing the equipment ahead of schedule before successfully delivering the operational phase of the project. The thermal processing technology was effective, allowing AGR to drill continuously and avoid any down time relating to waiting on weather in both the long 17½’’ and 12¼’’ hole sections.

The solution proved that the total cost of waste ownership for offshore processing versus skip and ship can be cost effective even in a one well campaign. The TWMA operations team fully embraced the culture on board the rig with their positive approach to safety, teamwork and operations therefore delivering on the value promised.”

AGR Well Team Leader