TCC RotoMill.

Recover one barrel of oil for every tonne of drilling waste processed and reduce your carbon footprint by 50%.

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50% of your drilling waste is oil you can recover

Our specialists streamline drilling waste processing onsite, returning up to one barrel of oil for every tonne of drill cuttings processed. Eliminating the need for costly logistics and transportation, we lower the total cost of your operation and reduce your carbon footprint.


Recover value from your drilling waste.

Right now, 50% of the volume of your drilling waste is oil that you could recover and reuse in the drilling process. By utilising TWMA's TCC RotoMill technology, you can eliminate waste to landfill and recover up to $200 worth of oil for every tonne of drill cuttings processed.

Our simple calculator tells you the volume of the recovered oil and its equivalent value. Try it to find out what you could save.


Reduce your carbon footprint by 50%.

Our industry-defining technology converts drill cutting waste into resources you can reuse and recycle at the wellsite to promote sustainable operations. Recovered oil is recycled directly back into the active mud system at site, while inert solids and processed water can be safely disposed of at site. 

By eliminating all logistics associated with transporting waste offsite for treatment and disposal, TWMA's wellsite processing solutions can reduce the carbon footprint of your operation by 50%. 


Improve safety performance.

Processing drilling waste at source reduces the number of lifting operations by up to 95% (compared with skip and ship operations).

Not only does this reduce safety risk to personnel, but also eliminates waiting on weather risk, allowing your drilling operations to continue in adverse weather conditions where lifting operations are often suspended.


With over two decades of experience in transforming drilling waste operations for our clients, we have built an esteemed reputation of reliability.

Sandy Wood
Business Development Manager
Sandy Wood


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