TWMA launches RotoMill 2.0 wellsite processing solution.

7 September 2023

Specialist drilling waste management company TWMA has launched the latest evolution of its award-winning RotoMill technology.

RotoMill 2.0 is the most energy efficient RotoMill and promises to deliver operators with an environmentally sustainable wellsite processing solution. It features TWMA’s XLink™ remote monitoring software, delivering greater operational insights, while automating the wellsite processing system.

The technology provides operators with lower costs, improved safety and lower carbon emissions. The state-of-the-art control scheme allows enhanced condition monitoring of the system, providing a predictive maintenance approach.

Gareth Innes, Chief Engineering & Commercial Officer at TWMA said: “RotoMill 2.0 offers all the benefits of its predecessor while increasing operators’ overall efficiency. Our team of specialist engineers have worked hard for more than a year to develop and build the RotoMill 2.0, incorporating feedback from our customers along the way. 

“By integrating our XLink technology into the RotoMill 2.0, we are offering customers with real-time insight into their operations. In addition to removing the requirement to ship drilling waste to shore, the RotoMill 2.0 features an improved engine design, working to further advance operators' decarbonisation goals.”

The unit is fitted with over 110 digital sensors in strategic locations within the modules and can now be operated fully remotely from the supervisor's office on-site or onshore.

The new standardised design will reduce maintenance requirements, installation times and footprint while increasing processing performance.

Eliminating the need to transport drilling waste long distances for treatment, the RotoMill 2.0 processes drilling waste at the wellsite. The solution recovers oil, water and solids from drill cuttings, allowing the reuse and recycling of all materials from the drilling waste.

Gareth Innes, chief engineering and commercial officer at TWMA launches the RotoMill 2.0 at an event in Aberdeen city centre.